Therapy and counselling

CfED offers a range of services to help those experiencing emotional distress or problems in functioning effectively in work or organisational settings.

The network of CfED Associates enables the service to work at the level of the individual adult, child or young person, the couple, the whole family and the organisation.

A consultation with an experienced practitioner will help to think about the difficulties experienced at times of distress and confusion. It can be helpful in its own right, or it may result in a decision to explore matters further.

Clients reach CfED through many channels: through referrals from GPs, social services, schools, counselling organisations and professional colleagues, by word of mouth or through the Internet.

Many clients refer themselves or their child, or family. Some arrive with an idea of the type of therapy they prefer. However, many clients need a period of consultation to talk through their concerns, and how best to address them, before making a decision regarding treatment.


Children, Young People and Families

CfEd offers assessment, treatment and consultation to children and  young people as well as parents, families and the wider network of family members and professionals concerned with their well being and development.


Adults - Individual & Couples

Our practitioners offer a range of treatments and approaches, from brief counselling or CBT packages of 6-12 sessions to more intensive, longer-term or open-ended psychoanalytic psychotherapy.· They will help you think through the options and recommend the approach best suited to your needs.