Services for professionals

In addition to the programme of lectures, courses and conferences, CfED offers a range of services for professional practitioners, supporting continuing learning and professional development across the mental health and allied professions.  All these activities are conducted to a high standard and may be cited in annual CPD returns


Regular supervision is central to professional development in all state regulated professions concerned with the provision of services for children and families.  CfED’s Associates offer both one-off consultations and ongoing supervision of clinical caseloads, in both individual and group formats, for psychotherapists, counsellors and trainees.

Work Discussion Groups

CfED offers small work discussion groups, led by an experienced professional, where GPs, health visitors, teachers and social workers may meet to reflect on and extend their practice in a supportive environment.

Fees for Services for Professionals

Consultative Supervision and Work Discussion Groups

£40-£50 for an individual supervision session

£25-£35 for group supervision and work discussion group sessions

How to Apply for CfED’s Professional Services

Contact the CfED Administrator - Jan Lawrence - who will arrange for the relevant Professional Associate to contact you to discuss your needs: 

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Telephone: 01273 561511

By mail: Jan Lawrence, Administrator, CfED, Station House Clinic, 18a Clermont Road, Brighton, BN1 6SG


Room Hire

Brighton Consulting Rooms building offers a vibrant and professional working environment for therapists and consultants working in private practice. Consulting and training rooms, waiting areas and facilities have been designed to a high standard, facilitating privacy for clients and comfortable, flexible spaces for practitioners.