Dr Leslie Ironside - Training

Fostering & Adoption Training Day

The Complexity of Contact in Today's Society

9.30 to 4.30

Children who have been adopted and fostered have the complexity in their lives of keeping multiple families in mind.They also live in a multifaceted society and one with the added social complexity brought about through usage of such things as the internet and social network sites. Contact through social networking sites can be very difficult to monitor and adds increased complexity to this issue.

Theyalso live in a time when contact with birth families is felt to be generally in the best interests of a fostered or adopted child, unless, there is good reason to do otherwise. Gone are the days when it would be the norm not to have such contact. There is, however, a growing disquiet among adoptive and foster families and some childcare professionals that contact with birth families may cause children emotional and psychological damage. Children may not be told the truth about the abuse and maltreatment they suffered and this lack of honesty may cause long-term harm.

How do we best help children, and indeed the families they live with traverse this complex and problematic path in order to best aid their development? This is the focus of this training day.

The day will comprise four parts:

Part 1: Setting the scene - Keeping multiple families in mind. Thinking about the ‘professionals’ frame of mind when faced with such complexity and emotional disturbance

Part 2: Loss, Mourning and Trauma 1 - approaching matters from the perspective of birth parents; working towards a therapeutic management style of contact

Part 3: Loss, Mourning and Trauma 2 Approaching matters from the child’s perspective - Understanding Contact with Birth Parents: Truth, Meaning and Reconciliation

Part 4: Managing the internet? - The advantages and challenges of modern technology

Part 5: Conclusion - drawing the strands together

Living with the Traumatised Child - how can you help?

A one day training for adoptive parents, foster carers and/or practitioners

Trainer: Dr Leslie Ironside

A one day training for adoptive parents, foster carers and/or practitioners that will cover:

  • The effects of trauma, abuse and neglect on child development and attachment
  • Linking theory with behaviour and possible strategies to help parents and carers deal with the emotional impact of their child’s early experiences.

The aim of training is to provide a framework for understanding traumatised children’s behaviour and the impact on carers as well as working towards strategies for dealing with difficult behaviours.

Dr Leslie Ironside is a child and adolescent psychotherapist working with children and families in Brighton. He has over 18 years experience of working with children and theri families. Dr Ironside recently published an article in the BAAF journal in which he describes the difficulties faced by carers when dealing with the effects of abuse, neglect and deprivation on their child’s behaviour (Living a provisional existence: thinking about foster carers and the emotional containment of children placed in their care Vol 28 No: 4 Winter 2004).

Dr Ironside is able to capture the sense of chaos felt by some children and the traumatizing effect this can have on parents and carers and relate this to theories of attachment and child development. This understanding of behaviour can in turn lead to the development of strategies for dealing with and managing the behaviour of children who have suffered trauma, abuse or neglect.

Cost £650.00 plus travel expenses