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A workshop with Gulya Diyarova - Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) in Action, Road Map to Emotional Healing

04/04/2020 09:45
04/04/2020 16:00
Jurys Inn Brighton

An outline of the theory and practice of Emotionally Focused Therapy with couples and individuals.


Do your clients question if their partners are there for them?

Do they wonder about their partner's accessibility?

Do they question the responsiveness of their partner when they need them?

This attachment-based, experiential, humanistic and systemic model offers a comprehensive theory of adult love, as well as a structured therapeutic "road map" not only to conflict reduction, but also the healing of damaged attachment bonds. A clear working manual is presented with the aim of creating safe emotional connection between partners which lasts.

The model recognises that relationship distress results from an actual, or perceived threat to the basic adult need for safety, security and closeness in intimate relationships. Couples in conflict tend to lose themselves in reactive emotions or withdraw into non-responsiveness and shutting down. Both behaviours become part of a negative cycle that leaves the partners hurt, alone and disconnected.

DDP Level 2 by Cas Schneider

17/11/2020 09:15
20/11/2020 00:00
Brighthelm Centre

This DDP Level Two 4-day or 28 hour course is open to clinical psychologists, social workers, parent mentors, therapists and other practitioners, who have completed the 4-day Level One training.

It follows on from the ideas and skills introduced in Level One and is suitable for those who are beginning to use the principles and interventions in their day-to-day work.